ArmaGado is a brand and a product of inspiration that symbolises environmental awareness.

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What Is ArmaGado

ArmaGado is a brand and a product of inspiration that symbolises environmental awareness.It is an attractive and eye catching Eco Friendly structure that makes your outdoor space stand out.

Garden Design Feature


ArmaGado can integrate well with many types of outdoor environments. It can also be used to combine contemporary and traditional garden design ideas. It’s an excellent garden feature that can inspire and fulfil your design.

Unique Outdoor Shelter


ArmaGado is made of complicated mathematical calculations and precisely cut angles to form the round shape. The size, the weight and the attention to detail in its design make ArmaGado able to resist the distractive power of UK windstorms.

How ArmaGado Benefit You

More Time Outdoors
Full Of Harmony
Go Green
Happy Family

ArmaGado Featured Products

To be used with ideas for Marketing

Rebuild the missing Harmony and Balance between People and Nature with ArmaGado Be brave to be different with ArmaGado Be in Harmony with Nature with ArmaGado.It offers unique visual integration by adding modern design to your outdoor space.

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We are passionate about adding ArmaGado to people surrounding environment as well as to meet likeminded individuals

Garden shelter

Garden shelter will relate to practical people




Outdoor Gym

Flower house



We are all born and come from the mother’s body, as a result, our subconscious mind has encoded a perception of a spherical environment as the highest level of comfort and security.

Improve the harmony around you.

It’s a place where you can Celebrate, Shelter from the sun and rain, Meet with friends, Colleagues, Partners, Enjoy time with your family or just Relax!

Mindfulness Exercising

Work in a better environment






Stand out and gain more new customer attention by being different.