As a Chimney Sweep using various types of chimney cameras, experiencing expensive repair bills, I put my own kit together, I decided to seek help from other chimney sweeps to help with the design  We needed a camera kit that is affordable with readily available parts that can be purchased individually.

ICS ( Institute of Chimney Sweeps) has now made it a requirement for all members as part of their kit to have a chimney camera, The Advance 7 is now endorsed by the Institute of Chimney Sweeps and can be seen on their 2 day sweeping course.

Advance Chimney Cameras have gone from strength to strength with many designs and ideas put forward to us by chimney sweeps and tested by them.

Advance Chimney Cameras 

An Inspection camera that allows you to detect blockages and other hidden problems within hard-to-access areas, our systems can be used to detect problems in buildings, ducts, as well as chimneys, all cameras come with 14 meters of cable, extentions are available.

With Our Black Widow Chimney Camera kits we provide Guides to help keep the camera centralised, we also provide an upside down attachment so the camera can view down the chimney if required, 5 m of extra 12v dc cable, a plunger, and spare acrylic lens.

Our systems come in an aluminium flight case, the monitor with the 9 inch Tft screen is fitted within the case, all you need to do is apply the 12v power and insert the camera lead, and your ready to go.
Our recordable unit has an SD Card Recorder (64GB capacity) to enable recording of still images and video.

We Offer One Year Warranty 

  • AHD Monitors come with 1 year Manufacturers  Guarantee, we offer our own 1 year guarantee on cameras.
  • At Advance our parts and repair guarantees that your device will be sent to you in fully working order, free from defects in materials and workmanship.
  • We will be happy to repair  any faults. Replacement parts may be charged for, depending on use, however, replacements and work can be carried at a reasonable cost.

Please note shipping cost are buyers responsibility.

Please be aware that parts may not always be available due to discontinuation.