About Us

As a Chimney Sweep using various types of chimney cameras, experiencing expensive repair bills, I decided to seek help from other chimney sweeps to research their choice of camera. The answer was some made their own kits using cctv, a camera with a 7 inch monitor or vehicle cameras that are used when reversing.  They also used well known manufactured brands that  work really well but are expensive to buy and repair.   The conclusion I came to is they all did the job required of them. We needed a camera kit that is affordable with readily available parts that can be purchased individually.  ICS ( Institute of Chimney Sweeps) has now made it a requirement for all members as part of their kit to have a chimney camera. I put together the Advance free standing camera  kit which was popular, but not as popular as the Advance 7 kit which is set into a flight case, it is available with a strong tilt tightened with the allen key provided. This camera kit is now endorsed by the Institute of Chimney Sweeps and can be seen on their 2 day sweeping course.  Advance Chimney Cameras have gone from strength to strength with many designs and ideas put forward to us by chimney sweeps and tested by them. 9 inch camera kits, recordable and non recordable

are available as well as the new AHD camera kit, we now supply UK and Europe we now stock Snaplok attachments.Today, chimney sweeps still maintain a thriving new industry in many parts of the world. … (such as vacuums, cameras and special chimney cleaning tools.