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Best Carpet Cleaners is here with exciting Carpet, Curtain, and Upholstery cleaning in Northampton. Everything is super except prices that you will get in our cleaning services.

We understand how much your carpets and Upholstery needs professional cleaning. We offer it doing our best.

Usually, it is recommended to clean the carpets and upholstery from 6-12 months. In the case you have newborn babies at home the period may reduce from 3-6 months. You need to remove and avoid pet hairs, trapped Dirt, Skin Cells, dust miles, and pollen particles building up inside the Armchair, Sofas, mattresses, Drapes, and Carpet piles, To keep your kids and your family safe from the colds, Asthma and Allergies you need to get your carpets periodically cleaned.

Deep Vacuuming

Stop & Stain Removal

Hot Water Extraction

Add Protection

Carpet freshener

Domestic Cleaning:

We are here with the best quality domestic cleaning to make your home & office clean and white. We can ensure your carpets, Upholstery dirt free through excellent cleaning services.

Commerical Cleaning:

Want to clean your commercial buildings’ carpets, curtains, and Upholstery? Our cleaning staff can make your office and other commercial property brighter and cleaned with the best commercial carpet cleaning. We help our clients to impress their clients.

Industrial Cleaning:

Your industrial area require periodical carpet, Curtain, and Upholstery cleaning, because the grim, grease, stain, and rust can make your carpet, curtains and upholstery so ugly. We have highly professional and qualified staff that can make you satisfied with the best industrial cleaning.

We believe in customer satisfaction: providing the best carpet cleaning at best prices.

You need Steam Carpet Cleaning if you have the followings:

  • Newborn babies
  • Carpets placed in Public area at home
  • Pets and birds at home
  • Old Carpets
  • Discolored or Stained area at home
  • Celebrated Christmas at home
  • Not cleaned for so long


  • Insured Cleaning services
  • Fully equipped cleaners
  • Stain Removal
  • Carpet Freshener
  • Pet Odor and Pet hairs Remove
  • No Time Limit in cleaning process
  • Expert & licensed cleaning staff
We understand the value of your carpets, curtains, and Upholstery collection that someone needs to take care. To whom you will choose to take care? Finding a trustful and experienced someone is so important and we can meet your carpet, curtain, and upholstery cleaning needs. You can feel-free to hire us for your cleaning needs.click here now
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Why Choose us

  • Tow high suction applications on your carpets to get deep cleaning.
  • Dual Heating systems-for cleaning the carpets with hot water-that ensures the softening the carpet Pile.
  • Applying Vacuum to remove the mites, dead fibers, bugs, and skin cells from the deep carpet piles.
  • Drying your carpets faster to enable you to use the carpets within 2 to 3 hours (without using heater)
  • We are ensured, professional, hold references and can provide best advice and no-obligation Quote online.

What our Clients Say

Wow!!! Brilliant job done at my place and the results I received from their carpet cleaning are just amazing. I would recommend them to all of you.

Adrian – 10th Jul, 2019
Angela Anderson,office manager

I recently had carpet cleaning from them, the cleaning staff is so friendly and experienced. They have turned my older carpets and curtains into new ones. Highly recommended!

Francine from Bedford – 11th Feb, 2019
Maria Anderson,home owner

I definitely going to choose them again if I require carpet cleaning again. My experience with them is so satisfactory and I really appreciate their work.

Martin – 30th Jan, 2019
Sarah Jefferson,office owner