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Honey Moon

I-flights & Travels offers more than 280 destinations filled with passion and excitement. Our honeymoon specialists will assist you in choosing the best honeymoon location to meet your needs.

City Break

We have great deals for almost every city break destination thinkable, all just a few clicks away. With our many years of experience in the city break business we will always have some of the best offers available at the most memorable destinations, many handpicked at some of the best European cities. What is my travel budget?” is often the first question to ask yourself and because of the wide range of over 200 destinations on offer at amazing deals, it should be easy to search and find a match to suit you.

Halal Holiday

Halal Tourism means facilitating Muslim families to make a trip following the Islamic Sharia laws. The theme is to provide you with halal travel. Hotels and resorts in such trip do not serve pork, alcohol, serve purely Halal food and have separate spa facilities and swimming pools for men and women. In a lot of Islamic countries, mostly in Turkey and Malaysia this concept is flourishing.


What’s the best cruise line to sail on? With I-Flights & Travels you’ll visit unforgettable destinations, receive outstanding service and taste culinary excellence, all while on board ships with stunning designs and luxurious accommodations.

Kids Holiday

We have wide selection of Kids friendly holiday destinations. Like Disney Land Paris, Disney land Florida. Wherever they want, in the style they choose and in the locations they love.

Beach Holidays

Chances are sun, sea and sand are fairly high up on your holiday must-have list. Our beach holidays offer all that on a plate – whether you opt for a hotel right on the sand, or one a little further out.

Family Holiday

Your next family holiday will turn into a memorable experience with I Flights. Practical accommodation, fixed prices for children, and menu choices to make your family time memorable.